Numis Coins – Is Silver and Gold at the End of the Rainbow?

Collecting Numis gold and silver coins, known as the hobby of kings, preserves a rich legacy for future generations. Numis Network specializes in the sale of graded gold and silver numismatic coins through a network marketing distribution model. Numis coins are really cool and coin collecting is an awesome hobby. What better way to earn a residual income than market Numis coins? In the end gold and silver coins pay for themselves don’t they? Yes, a rare numismatic can hold exceptional value, if a buyer can be found.

Here is the problem. Numismatics are collectibles and categorized as hard to value assets in the accounting world. This is because there is not a reliable, ready market for these assets. In order to realize the value of Numis coins a buyer must be found. The only buyers of numismatic coins are hobby collectors and network marketers. By and large there are only sellers in the market place for collectible coins.

Would you be better off today if you had collected a silver or gold Numis coin each month for the past five years? Let’s see. $125 buys a one ounce silver coin per month. When multiplied by 5 years that amounts to 60 ounces of silver. At that point you have spent $7,500 of numis coins. That honestly is a pretty neat collection and a collector would probably be very happy with the purchase. But what are those coins worth? Maybe a fortune, if you can find a numismatic buyer. 5 years from now the fad could still be running, but the network marketers are not going to buy your coins for $500. That leaves only collectors. How many of them exist? Try and sell a 10 year old coin at the “appraised” value and find out. The answer is not many.

Let’s assume you want to sell your collection and cash out. You have a closet full of coins and now it is time to cash in. Now let’s find a buyer. We know you are not going to be able to sell your collection for the appraised value to a networker and we know that you have little chance of running into the right collector that is interested in your collection. Maybe they like one coin, but definitely not the whole lot. So where are you going to sell it?

The only reliable market is the actual silver market. Numis’s own example, when compared with the price if silver at the time of minting, reveals the price of the MS70 silver eagle moved directly with the price of silver bouillon from 1997 to 2008. There is a ready market for all of your silver and it is easy to value and real. The value of a collectible is only good if you can find a buyer. The bank is probably going to value your silver coins at the price of the silver.

That really makes you want to buy silver and gold numismatic coins huh? The reason to buy silver and gold numismatic coins is because you like them, plain and simple. They are not an investment. They are a great hobby and can make for a nice business. Collecting silver and gold coins is cool and fun and a great way to preserve a rich legacy for the future.

Marketing Numis coins can be a nice niche business if one has a lead generation system in place to give the new Numis distributor people to talk to after their warm list runs dry. Face it, only so many people are going to be interested in coin collecting for a business. The best way to succeed and to grow a huge business is to have a coach and an online lead generation system capable of daily generating leads and people for you to talk too.

If you are considering getting into Numis coins, it is a great way to make some cash and have fun. As always, when choosing a company make sure it aligns with your values and it has a product you can get behind. If you don’t like coins, find something that is right for you. Where ever you go make sure you have the right systems in place to generate leads on a daily basis and never let that well run dry.

So can the hobby of kings make retirement dreams? Maybe, if you have the right tools in place and a well executed marketing plan the sky is the limit. The only limit is you. Remember, getting into Numis coins is getting into a really cool hobby and sharing it with others is rewarding in ways worth much more than money.